Instruction & Learning

The full scope of AR technology has endless possibilities. Students are able to affect a seemingly real-world change through the use of computer-generated imagery. This imagery can be programmed for virtually any subject matter. The 3D imagery through AR technologies gives us a greater ability to examine any given object from all angles. It will be interesting to see what other technologies implement AR in the future.

Edu Publications

What if we take the reading aspect above and take it a step further. Augmented Reality can give a textbook the means to show examples of the content to the reader for greater clarity.

Augment educational materials for improved assimilation, replace dry texts and pictures with interactivity. Drive home difficult to explain concepts in sciences and engineering with ease.

Augmented Reality (AR) makes it easy to win the interest and attention of teens and young adults. Being our responsibility to groom and train as teachers, and AR providing a platform for easy and efficient execution of our assignments, it's no more a tomorrow toolkit. It's here.


Augmented reality is one of the newer forms of strategies adopted by companies who use it to combine elements of print and online advertising. They view it as an ideal way of delivering persuasive messages to a technological minded audience.

There are a whole host of examples of augmented reality being used in retail. Whether it is to sell a product or simply have a little fun, AR is something all brands and retailers need to be taking note of.

We are only scratching the surface when it comes to creative use of augmented reality. A novel example is the Converse Sampler iPhone App using augmented reality to allow shoppers to virtually try on any trainer from their range, simply by pointing their phone at their leg. Customers simply select a shoe from the app’s catalogue and see it appear on their foot. Customers can even buy directly thorough the app meaning they don’t need to leave their homes.

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Editorials, Adverts & Entertainment

Any add that was formerly perceived to be better on television can now be attached to the print ad. This video attachment to the print via augmented reality is not only better for a comprehensive understanding for the consumer, but it is also getting more value out of the cost of production for the original commercial. By not only using the commercial on tv or on the website or blog, and putting it as an attachment to a magazine ad, the company looks more ‘in the know’ about current technology and gets more value out of their commercial.

It's no doubt AR is one of the many innovations newspapers should employ however, it is of better value when linked AR content isn't same as the already available on the newspaper’s/magazine's website. It will be of greater apprecition if AR links live and real-time information.

AR represents serious potential for newspapers, which are focusing on engagement to combat declining circulations expecially with teens and young adults. It also holds great advertising potential for effective return on investment and bottom line revenue.

Tourism & Guide

It is the curse of every curious traveler -- you're walking through a new town and you can sense the history, you can smell the restaurant, you can hear the train you're meant to catch, but you have no idea how to get there or discover more. Thanks to Augmented Reality now you can lay digital worlds over the top of the real world through your phone's camera view. Suddenly data on hotels, restaurants, shop offers, landmarks, social gaming, even menu translations, is at your fingertips.

augmented reality continues to grow in popularity, the travel industry is likely to be at the forefront of its applications. As a marketing, selling, or information-providing tool, AR fits with the travel industry arguably more than any other.

Bottom Line Revenue

Can augmented reality increase ROI?

Like other marketing tactics, AR can increase ROI through brand awareness and increased engagement. Brands who get on board with the technology sooner rather than later stand a good chance of benefiting the most from getting ahead of the curve. Since AR is so new, the awe factor is still fresh with consumers, and just in time: “We are now entering a second generation of AR with more powerful mobile devices, 3D mobile cameras, and the second generation of Kinect. These will all provide for more advanced AR experiences that were limited in the past due to previous generation hardware,” says Matt Szymczyk, of Zugara

Exclusive Content

By incorporating mobile augmented reality into editorial content, readers can unlock behind the scenes video, or special discounts and deals by pointing their device at the page. This is a unique opportunity to mobilize content for readers. Futuristic scenes on movies is right here with us - hear The Independent UK:

"We are committed to keeping our readers up to speed with the latest news and trends, and Independent+ allows us to do this, giving readers of the print edition access to real-time online updates and additional engaging content,” - Christian Broughton, Digital Editor at

Rowan Manning, group commercial director at Seven said: "“Augmented reality has huge potential for brands who want to engage with consumers at a deeper level, and really benefit from this unique opportunity to combine the power of the engagement of print with the immediacy of digital. Brands can drive consumers directly from their display or advertorial page to point of purchase or to branded sites to ensure consumers have a truly immersive experience with their products. And our ability to use existing promotional collateral such as video, and audio, gives us creative flexibility without incurring further costs, making assets work harder.”"